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We provide a range of business solutions for SMEs across the country, and globally. With long experience assisting with operations, import and export, expansion strategy, and supply chain efficiency, we are well-placed to help any business take the next steps in its journey towards profit and growth.

We are SME business advisors with a fresh eye for business strategy, able to assess strengths and weaknesses in a business model, and help you to improve upon these to give you that competitive edge in the marketplace. We provide free consultation to allow you to get a feel of how we can work together.

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Business Coaching

Our SME business advisors are here to help with all aspects of business coaching. We can give you new ideas, actions and business goals. With our help, you can uncover blind spots, overcome assumptions and invest in your personal growth as a business leader. Contact us today to make a start towards a new business goal.





How we can help your business

Business formulation

Helping new businesses to structure themselves and make the best use of the resources available to them in the early stages of formation.

Business strategy & planning

Finding a long term route forwards to give your business the best chance of success in the upcoming years and decades to come.


Business value differentiation

Helping your business provide more value to your customers and compete in a crowded marketplace.

Business transactions

From long term contracts to automated supply chain fulfilment, we will help you ensure smooth transactions at all stages.

Market development strategy

If you are selling your product or service to a new audience, we can help with research, planning, branding, and growth.

Start-up mentoring

We also offer mentoring to Directors and support to boards and executives, so they can have impartial, expert advice on all their major decisions.


Operations strategies

We provide business systems support, logistical advice, and import and export methodologies, helping your business to fulfil its promises.

Supply chain

Our SME business advisors assist with all aspects of supply chain organisation, so you can keep all aspects of the business running smoothly.




1 to 1 Sessions

As business advisors and mentors, we can help you face challenges and adapt your business to meet new requirements. Whether you need to find a new way of securing funding, or you need to attract new clients, Unicorn Solutions are here to help. Our consulting services are completely bespoke and tailored to your business and challenges.

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Advisory Services

At Unicorn Solutions, we offer a range of business advisory services, helping SMEs obtain government funding, plan for expansion, and optimise their business and supply chains. As specialist SME business advisors in Glasgow, we can help a range of businesses across the country with their business strategy and organisation.



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Net Zero Specialists

In recent times, we have turned our expertise towards helping businesses achieve net zero carbon consumption. Many businesses with logistical or operational demands may see this as an impossible and unnecessary goal, but there are so many incentives available from the government and local authorities, and the reputational incentive is also so great that this goal is now much more realistic for many sectors. As SME business advisors, we can help you access grants and loans towards achieving Net Zero, wherever you are in the country.

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