About Unicorn Business Solutions

Our company is built on global experience and knowledge. We are a small, hardworking team, dedicated to helping business owners and managers achieve greater success and make the best possible use of their resources. In these challenging times, finding solutions to emerging problems quickly can give you a vital advantage of your competitors. More recently, we have been called on in our capacity as a net zero carbon consultancy, and our expertise in this field has allowed many of our clients to access government funding, and achieve net zero while maintaining financial performance.



William is seasoned entrepreneur and business professional with experience across various industries in the United Kingdom and Europe. This also high demand industries such as leisure and entertainment.

He also has significant experience in import and export applications throughout the world coupled with the associated supply chain and legislative challenges. Along with experience in net zero carbon consultancy, William also has business growth, business acquisition, and business preparation for divestment experience.

William has a personable style based on generating mutual understanding and trust as an approach to assisting business owners get improved business outcomes.